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The Apple version of Cenon is considered stable up to Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra).
Note for Camera+Targeting: If you upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, make sure to update at least to Mac OS 10.12.4.
The Linux version of Cenon can't follow the speed of time at the moment.
The OpenStep version of Cenon is not supported any more. Apple is the successor.
Recent Improvements at a glance

Dec 2019 Cenon 4.1.4: Update Panel works with Mac OS >= 10.12, other improvements. All changes are listed in the Change Log.
Aug 2018 Cenon 4.1.3: improvements. All changes are listed in the Change Log.
Dec 2017 Cenon 4.1.2: DXF-Import, DIN-Import, SVG-Import improved, Camera+Targeting memory leak fixed, plus more improvements.
All changes are listed in the Change Log.
Aug 2017 Cenon 4.1.1: DXF-Import upgraded, plus many more improvements and fixes.
All changes are listed in the Change Log.
Apr 2017 Cenon 4.1:
This major Upgrade brings the long-awaited Run-Time panel and other key features. Take a look at our News, and the Release Notes for the details.
Nov 2016:  Cenon 4.0.5: support for Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra).
Many improvements. Take a look at our Change Log and Release Notes for the details.
Feb 2016:  Cenon 4.0.4: support for Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan). Plenty of improvements.
Feb 2015:  Cenon 4.0.3: major changes to support Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite). Plenty of other improvements.
Feb 2014:  Cenon 4.0.2: most importantly, this is a release for Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks). We still recommend our clients to stay with Mountain Lion for now, until Mac OS 11 is released.
Cenon received major improvements in the optimization and the relief display.
Jan 2013:  Cenon.com
Aug 2012 Cenon 4.0: The next Generation: SVG-Import, 64-Bit, i-cut Import, Embedded CNC-Commands, ... Please take a look at our News.
Mar 2012 Cenon 3.9.6: among other changes, we have to report major improvements of Engraving with Pick-Out. Please take a look at our News.
Sep 2011 Cenon 3.9.5: Many improvements and bug fixes.
May 2011 Cenon 3.9.4: Update-Panel checks once a week for available updates. Many improvements and bug fixes.
Jan 2011 Cenon 3.9.3: fix for TIFF-Export with Text, and Gerber-Import (Osmond PCB). Several fixes for Camera+Targeting
Nov 2010 Cenon 3.9.2: new links in help menu, Update-Panel, TIFF-Export, many improvements, ...
Apple: acoustic feedback for editing functions activated
May 2010 Cenon 3.9.1: not really a minor release: Snapshot of working environment, editing functions and output-performance further improved, dozens of details improved, adoptions for Mac OS 10.6, ...
Camera+Targeting: Material-Corner-Recognition, Transformation without scaling
Jun 2009 Cenon 3.9: over 50 considerable Improvements: angular approach, Relief Output on any color-shadings, faster Machining, Quality Improvementsand much more...
Aug 2007:  Cenon 3.8.3: Much energy went in improving details to make the work of the user even more easier.
New for Apple: Online Help as PDF, Inspector resizable
Apr 2007:  www.Cenon.ph registered
Jan 2007 Cenon 3.8.2: Many improvements and new features like batch printing.
Jun 2006:  Cenon 3.8.1: New: PCB Raster Algorithmus for faster and better calculation of boards with crappy line fillings.
Many improvements of editing functions, output, import, ...
Apple: Universal Binaries
Dec 2005 Cenon 3.8.0: New: Control-Panel with new controls for better machine interaction.
New: Import to existing layers, Batch-Production improved, ...
Sep 2005:  New: Import via barcode/identifier, ...
Jun 2005:  New: Tool Measurement for vhf CNC950 series.
Dez 2004:  New: Special Drill Thread Cutter added.
Oct 2004:  New, Position-Panel: Named markers from the document can be added as positions.
Position-Panel: Move to parking position lifts z axis completely,
Batch production: faster batch copying.
Jun 2004:  New: fast Helix interpolation with 3-D lines.
Apr 2004:  Support of tangential cutters for the new CNC controller series.
Apr 2004:  With version 3.6.0 Cenon has become a modular program.

Cenon CAM 4.1
The Release 4.1 is another big step for Cenon CAM. This major Upgrade brings the long awaited Run-Time Panel, plus other key features and improvements... [2017-04-26]

Cenon CAM 4.0 - the next generation
The release 4.0 is the new milestone in the history of Cenon. This major upgrade offers a multitude of important new features and improvements... [2012-08-03]

Cenon CAM 3.9.6 - now available, in focus: Engraving with Pick-Out !
The Release 3.9.6 of Cenon, the manufacturing software for Apple Computers, is there... there are so many valuable improvements, that a closer look is needed. Above everything else, we have to focus at the enormous improvements of the Pick-Out Engraving... [2012-03-01]

Cenon CAM 3.9.1 - now available!
Not really a minor release: The release 3.9.1 of Cenon, the Manufacturing Software for Mac, is available now... [2010-05-04]

Cenon CAM is introducing itself
The universal design- and manufacturing software Cenon CAM is introducing itself in a dedicated brochure... [2009-08-20]

Cenon CAM - Camera+Targeting
Cenon's automatic recognition of workpieces with a camera is high on demand. The latest feature for Cenon CAM has been introduced to the market in spring 2009 and is already surpassing the expectations... [2009-06-29]

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